Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver client-centered integrated behavioral health care, bridging the gap between mental health and primary care, to empower our patients in leading healthy and fulfilling lives.
We are dedicated to supporting health care systems and providing personalized atention to each patient’s overall well-being.
Through compassionate and collaborative care, we strive to enhance the physical, mental, and emotional health of our patients, fostering a healthier and happier community.

Our Story

Amidst a growing waiting list and high demand for her services as a licensed therapist, Chieko Tabata, co-founder of Calmscient, decided to make a positive change in early 2020. She introduced a mental health digital platform for her patients, aiming to provide them with activities for mental well-being and lifestyle improvements while they awaited their in-person sessions. Chieko also implemented digital screening tools to help patients understand their mental health conditions better. The results were astonishing. Almost 30% of her patients responded well to the digital platform and no longer required in-person services. With the baseline support provided through the platform, the number of sessions needed for each patient significantly decreased. Chieko’s generosity extended to over 600 individuals who lacked access to mental health support, as she donated her product, resulting in successful outcomes for many.

The success of Chieko’s mental health digital platform led to the creation of Calmscient, an integrated behavioral health care system, designed to bridge the gap between primary care and behavioral health.  Calmscient is a combination of two words, “Calm” and “Scient”.  “Scient” is the Latin word for science. Thus, the name Calmscient perfectly conveys the goal of the system we have developed, promoting the Science of Calm.  It is our goal to transform mental health care through the creation of a truly innovative solution, a solution which we hope will have a meaningful impact on mental health support for countless individuals.